What is Heart Wisdom Process?

HWP is a self-healing/self-inquiry process based on Eastern holistic principles.

This program is a methodology of self-inquiry and healing by letting go of old programming carried in the subconscious/unconscious from our present life, parents/ancestors, society, collective, human history, etc. The subconscious is like a hard drive filled with unnecessary programming, and data that create beliefs, behaviors, ways of life, and ways of being. Similar to computers, unconscious bad programming and overloaded bad experiences in the ‘ram’ will cause it to operate inefficiently with sufferings, pain, etc. Therefore we ‘defrag’ the hard drive. The HWP is about defragging our hard drive.

HWP is about working with these repeated patterns held in the subconscious. Any issue whether physical or non-physical, has a sequence similar to a combination lock. If you press the right sequence, issue goes away physically, and you heal, regenerate, and experience more love, happiness, bliss, joy, forgiveness, acceptance, etc. If you are not aware of the sequences of patterns causing the suffering, then the sufferings are likely to be repeated again through physical pain, breakups, traumas, until you become conscious of the patterns.

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