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What Our Clients Say

Paul helped me to get through deep-seated issues that l didn’t know even there. It was the first time l felt truly insecure about cash flow that l didn’t experience for many years. It affected my life. After working on the stuck emotions from the early life programmings my finance improved, feeling of lack, insecurity is gone. Working with Paul is phenomenal.

Connie Huft

RN / Hypnotist

This methodology is completely free from judgments. Working with Paul, the feelings of guilt and anxiety dissipated in a couple of minutes. Relief was effecting and long-lasting. I continued working with Paul on different challenges over time. One of the important things l have received into my life: compassion for myself and others.

Hector Compero


Letting go of the unprocessed emotions from the body level is a gradual process. I released lots of stuck emotions, beliefs in the body level. Anxiety issues related to my relationships went away working with Paul. I appreciate this process and thank Paul for this work. It significantly improved my life and relationships with others, myself.

Jimena Reachi

Ocean Engineer

About Paul

Paul Wong specializes in helping successful business owners and leaders resolve major crises with burnout, relationships, and debilitating health so that they can achieve goals and live life with flow, vitality, and contentment.  He helps clients by addressing the roots of major suffering by releasing highly unconscious hard-wired programmed responses on the body level.

His transformative work has been featured in FoxNew, CBS, and Yahoo FInance.  His book, Heart Wisdom Process: Understanding and Healing the Subconscious book, founder of Chinese Energetics™, a consciousness shifting program based on working with thousands of people globally. Paul’s work is a synthesis of his personal experiences of practicing various energy healing modalities.

His chronic asthma led him on a journey of learning Chinese healing arts and spending time in the ashrams of spiritual masters in India.  From working through his personal struggles, he developed a body of work called “Heart Wisdom Process”.  It is the integration of his life experiences and ancient healing principles — to teach others to process unconscious suffering through the heart — and transforming it into insight and love. 

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