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Being Hurt in Relationship

We’ve all passed through that situation of being hurt. No one can be an adult alive today without having been emotionally hurt at one point or the other. Whether it is from a lover or a close relative, emotional hurt can be incredibly frustrating.

Being hurt in relationships can take its toll on your physical and mental health if you do not do something quick about it. The truth is that our emotions work in a very special way, and often when someone hurts your feelings, it gets you emotionally triggered. 

Most people think that there’s no solution to it, but there truly is. Human emotions work uniquely. Emotional hurt doesn’t always have to result in negativity. If more attention is paid to it, it can enable you to discover some inner strength that you probably didn’t know existed. These emotional triggers help you to find what is on the inside that you’ve not been able to resolve.

Often, it is the things that are on the inside that leads to sadness and grief. If you check properly, you will find that most times, the hurt you feel, is a response to a past happening. For instance, when you feel angry, or unloved, or unsafe with your parents or your significant other, then it is often a reflection of an inner hurt that’s not been treated before. 

So What’s the Solution?

There’s no better way to treat the feeling of being hurt in relationships than searching deep inside to find the real cause of your hurt and treating it. There’s a need for you to absorb the subconscious issues that you face.

To help, we often teach people to pay attention to how their body reacts to issues. The body usually serves as the holder of all of our life’s experiences, and that’s why it responds easily to even the smallest things.

It is important to state, however, that our mind is actually the place where all the experiences that we’ve had are stored. Hence, the need to deviate a bit from traditional therapy when you need to find total healing. We recommend that people get in touch with their mind and their body, then find a pure way to heal the inner wounds caused by past experiences. There’s a need to get in touch with them and detox them from your body.

We help in the best way possible to heal you from the hurts you feel in your relationships, so if you can’t handle it, then you can contact us to help you manage it properly.


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Copyright © 2020. Heart Wisdom Process. All Rights Reserved.