How can HPW resolve difficult life challenges?

In private or group coaching sessions, we work together to address the unconscious conditioned responses held in the body.  These unconscious conditioned responses run and rule your life, causing continual challenges in life. Your automatic unconscious responses have become a way of being, an identity.  The goal of HPW is to release these conditioned responses. The identities and behaviors are rooted and held together by these common emotions and psychological components such as anger, grief, fear, safety, control, and trust (9-types of suffering).   Some identities, beliefs, and behaviors are held by deeper unconscious wounds from your life, parents, ancestors, collective, culture, etc.    Your conditioned responses are held together by conditioned responses are held together by the following:

Ego / Personality / Masks / False Self


Beliefs, Behaviors

Inner Wounds

9 Types of suffering

Think about the analogy of a table.  The table top is your ego, personality, self image or mask.  Behind the ego and personality are years of conditioned unconscious responses.  They are the legs of the table. Each leg has its own identities, beliefs, and behaviors.  The table and legs are usually held together usually with linchpins — emotional and psychological responses related to anger, grief, fear, worry, control, safety, trust that we call the 9 types of suffering.   The most vital linchpin holding together an identity are the inner wounds from your life, parents, and ancestors.  These wounds need to be fully processed and released.  

Examples of Inner Wounds: Death, divorce, war, violence, abuse, poverty, abandonment, all forms of physical, mental, psychological, sexual abuse, etc.

An inner wound can be thought of as a living consciousness or entity, lurking in the subconscious.  Like a movie, this “entity” is re-playing the forgotten and unconscious memories of old pain and emotions over and over, creating sabotage, doubts, fears, and insecurities in your life.  Inner wounds create sabotaging identities and limited beliefs such as ‘I am not worthy… not good enough… not deserving… not lovable…etc.’

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During HPW sessions, you take out legs and linchpins of the table:



Inner Wounds

9 types of suffering

More difficult life challenges such as chronic health, repeated heartbreak, resentment, and other life-long issues require sessions over multiple weeks to peel away the 5 Most Common Conditioned Responses that are present in most difficult life challenges.  These are common causes of suffering for most people.  We must address these conditioned responses.

  1. Conditioned Response of not wanting to connect to feelings.  When there is suffering; modern society has conditioned us not to feel our emotions and feelings.  We are conditioned to be tough and strong, and to suck up the pain. We are conditioned to not fully process emotions in a healthy way which prevents us from fully releasing these painful experiences.  We are conditioned not to be vulnerable. There reactions come from survival conditioning that creates attachments to beliefs such as survival of the fittest and never showing weakness and vulnerability or you won’t survive.   We are conditioned to protect and guard our hearts. For many people, the body is conditioned to this way of life over generations. When disappointments and sufferings are not processed in a healthy way, the body unconsciously attaches to old memories and emotions.  HWP deals with those wounds that caused you to avoid processing these feelings and emotions. HWP brings to consciousness the old conditioning responsible for present pain challenges and allows you to fully release them. HWP trains the body let go and process old memories.  
  2. Conditioned Response to avoid pain.   We are conditioned to seek pleasurable attachments and to avoid pain at all cost, instead of dealing with the wounds.  We are conditioned that if we stimulate the 5 senses through food, drugs, sex, video games, or other distractions, then painful life experiences will go away.   HWP allows us to heal inner wounds instead of avoiding them through sensory distractions.
  3. Conditioned Response to be in the mind.   When we suffer, we are conditioned to be in the mind instead of being connected with the body.  By being in the mind, we don’t have to feel pain and our feelings, even though the wounds are screaming for help.  We ignore the signals and the body then gives us stronger pain signals. If we continue to ignore our suffering, the body gives us even worse pain that can include debilitating, chronic and even life threatening situations to force us to deal with those wounds.  The body is telling us to deal with the issues rather than avoiding them. If we don’t deal with these issues, our lives may be shortened. The original suffering experiences are stored in cells as memories, glued by the painful emotions. HWP can take out the memories and original suffering replayed over and over again on an unconscious level.  Usually after the original suffering experience, the ego creates additional identities and behaviors to prevent future suffering.
  4. Conditioned Response to not trust universal intelligence or Divine.  There is an invisible consciousness and energy source that helps us heal and takes away suffering, if we can learn to trust it.  However, due to suffering we are conditioned to not trust, doubt, etc.  Our ancestors suffered due to personal heartbreaks, cultural traumas, terror, and survival conditioning that created unconscious memories held in the cells and in the DNA.  HWP takes out the conditioned responses that have been held for multiple generations from our cells. Ancestral wounds that are part of your conditioning can be forgiven and healed.  The identities and behaviors that makes you talk, think, and act as parents, ancestors, and culture can be changed. HWP can remove the identities and behaviors that are hardwired as a physiological response.
  5. Conditioned Response not to trust intuition or feelings.   In the modern era, intuition and responses are looked down upon, met with skepticism or made fun of.  We are conditioned to doubt intuition and ignore the signals of the universal intelligence. If it is not supported with physical evidence, then we think it must not be real or true.   We are conditioned to not be confident with our intuition. We find a sense of security only through logic and the mind. HWP takes out programming that created insecurities about using our intuition.  By addressing fear of criticism as well as judgment and conditioning related to trusting the Divine, we can then become confident with our intuition. The conditioned responses physically located in the body.  They can be localized in entire body or specific areas of the body:

Overall body




Nervous system

During and after the session(s), you will notice a detoxing of the old conditioned responses.  Your old identities, beliefs, and behaviors can change and be permanently released from the body.  You are likely to notice immediate physical, emotional, and mental changes during a session that have been suppressed. Emotions may release through tears.  Your body feel may tired during and after session as previous conditioned responses have been released.

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