I am a sales representative for a medical devices company and a keen yogini with a strong physical daily asana practice. I had an injury during yoga 3 years ago, and it just wouldn’t heal, so I was experiencing lots of pain and stiffness in my whole right side along with anger and depression. I had tried so many different modalities, from physical stuff, and energetic to psychological work, and nothing really helped me long term.

I met Paul when he had a workshop in London, and I volunteered to go on stage to experience his work. After 5 mins of working with him, I felt much calmer about an issue that was causing me much anxiety – finding a place to live in less than two weeks! 

He had gone through a chronic physical issue and healed himself.

He was very upfront about how long it might take to work through a chronic issue, so I knew it wasn’t going to be a one-session magic. 

I was in a very depressed and anxious state when I started working with Paul and in a lot of physical pain. Though working with Paul, I came to understand that I have used yoga as a way of moving emotions through me, and now that I couldn’t do a strong practice, I had to deal with all my suppressed and unresolved issues. I wasn’t prepared for the amount of stuff that came up – I think I have pretty much cried my way through all the sessions. I have my moon in Leo, so I want to do something with my emotions. Paul helped me to sit with my emotions and deal with them rather than running away or distracting myself. My emotions were so overwhelming that I used to get myself into such a state and have a massive meltdown with so much drama and resistance (well, my sun is in Leo too)! Over time and working with Paul, I have found I am dealing with my emotions much better, and I have more ability to sit with them and feel them.

Working with a chronic issue is a process of pattern identification. They are complex with physical, emotional, somatic, and also psychological components, all of which are intertwined. This process isn’t linear either, and I have found it can be two steps forward and one step backward. Paul has a very humble, gentle, and compassionate way of working which allowed me to open up and be vulnerable. We have dealt with some really deep core issues, and after our sessions, I feel lighter and happier.

I have had periods of no pain at all for weeks at a time (which is amazing as it was 3 years of constant pain before). Paul helped to deal with the underlying emotions and thought forms that are keeping this pattern in place. The pain and contraction pattern still triggers to some degree if have a moment of unconsciousness and push me too much physically, although it feels like the pattern is slowly unwinding. As a bonus, I am able to be more present in my body, so I can feel more energy flow and pleasure in my system. I have more periods of happiness and joy than I have experienced in the past.

Paul has also helped me to have a different perspective on chronic pain – although I would much prefer not to have it, I do appreciate it is calling me into more, to wake up. I feel like I am making so much process that I have decided to continue working with Paul, and I am open to the possibility of writing another feedback in 3 months.


One of the best decisions I ever made was to study this work with Paul Wong. Paul is a caring person, and his methods are groundbreaking and innovative.

The work immediately left me with a deep sense of release and inner peace that I had been searching for. I had struggled with a constricted feeling in my solar plexus area since I was a child and none of my energy work had relieved it, but after 3 sessions it was not there anymore, never to return and replaced by a feeling of openness in my chest area.

 I also found it difficult to cry since I was a child. I was able to cry vicariously or in grief, but when it came to releasing tears from my own personal pain, I was severely blocked. Again, after the 3rd session, I began releasing tears and since then I cry easily anytime I need to. By this time I had begun doing sessions on myself, especially when I took my daily long walks. I was in London at the time, and I remember walking around with tears streaming down my face as I dug up many painful memories and finally released the long-buried emotional blocks that I had been carrying around for years. It was such a feeling of relief and I have to add that in the past I would have been far too inhibited to shed tears around strangers,( I probably looked insane ), but it never even crossed my mind. I felt free enough to let it go and since then I haven’t experienced that feeling of being blocked!

After 6 weeks I noticed I was feeling more tolerant and less worried. Then we began focusing on people in my past that triggered negative feelings. Since childhood, I always wanted to do things perfectly, and nothing I did ever seemed good enough. Criticism was crushing to me, and I experienced guilt and shame whenever I even thought about people from my past that had criticized me. 

Paul and I began working extensively on the most recent of these people in our session. This person came into my thoughts frequently and always triggered negative feelings. After a few more sessions I found that thoughts of this person rarely came into my mind at all and if they did, I had almost no emotional reaction. 

Another great result of this was that I noticed when I traced my history and thought about all the many different people that have criticized or judged me in my life, I felt better. By addressing one person, I was really addressing the larger underlying issue. When I spoke to my parents I noticed how good I felt and how easily we communicated where in the past I often felt anxious, guilty, and even angry after these frequent calls. Since then I have had many relaxed interactions with people that used to trigger difficult feelings and I feel much more able to forgive them and forgive myself.

I also have much less social anxiety. I used to get introverted in public and feel alienated, but now I’m enjoying people more.

Along with my weekly work with Paul I also did daily work on myself. At Paul’s suggestion, I developed the habit of trying to notice every negative thought or memory and immediately doing my practices until these negative feelings subsided. 

I felt lighter, grounded, and more comfortable with who I am. My friends began remarking on how I’d changed.

After 5 months of work, I experience less negativity, less obsessive thinking, less worry, less defensiveness, and generally a more enjoyable life. This work goes really deep and has allowed me to release very old and rooted habits and patterns. As far as health issues go, I rarely think about them or focus on them the way I used to. 

There is acceptance and forgiveness that I believe will only lead to greater healing. I have also begun using Paul’s practices in my own healing work with clients and friends and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. 

It has been a great feeling to share this work with others after experiencing such great results myself. If you are looking for practice that will help you to let go of your conditioned habits and patterns and truly transform yourself, I highly recommend Paul Wong’s work. 

Thank you, Paul!


I work as a body therapist from Sweden and I help people connect with their bodies and emotions.  I do personal development both for myself and also to help my clients to go deeper into themselves.

I heard of Paul through a friend, who also works with people in a similar way. I felt a good vibe and joined a workshop. I liked how Paul, in a very soft and humble way guided the group to go into what was there. Nothing more, nothing less. Things started to shift immediately, but I felt it was more layers to dive deeper into. So I joined an individual process of 12 meetings over 4 month period. It’s been a very intense process, and that’s also what I think is unique.

I have earlier been working a lot with myself in different groups, courses, and coaching. But this helped me to go even deeper and to really understand the importance and the way to embrace my feelings.

Paul has a knowledge of what is there and guides me in and through the feeling. He guides us through physical symptoms, like pain and eczema, and feelings. Whatever it is, there can be a way in. I had to meet a lot of fears and feelings I didn’t want to accept. I have expressed a lot of things during the sessions, expressions I normally hold inside and am afraid of showing, which has given me bigger freedom in expression and also relaxation in relationships. Now I feel a lot lighter in my body, lighter physically and psychologically. And also more freedom in my relationships.

When I started the process, I was triggered and irritated a lot by friends and family. I didn’t know how to handle these reactions. I had a pattern of getting angry inside and then feeling bad about myself for getting angry. I also analyzed what I said a lot and apologized a lot. After the process, I feel relaxed about expressing myself, and anger isn’t much of a problem anymore. And this has been a BIG issue before.

I ́ve been working a lot with my throat and my breathing has been expanding and the space in the throat as well. I have noticed that the process has accelerated my development, and now it’s like a process going on to itself, even though I’m not taking any more sessions at the moment. The most apparent change that I’m experiencing now,  is that my body has expanded with the help of the sessions. I feel more empty and also free in my movements. My upper body has for a long time been feeling very restricted, but this part has been opening up a lot. I feel softer, and more flexible.. 

I have also noticed that it’s no longer so important for me to do things perfectly or push myself to do things. I’m more into doing what feels natural and comes from within. I recommend this process to everyone who wants to relax more into what is, who wants more contact with feelings, and to let go of anxiety. 

Caroline Edgren, Body therapist.

Our first session consisted of me sobbing for an hour, which was frustrating because I felt as though all I had been doing was crying, and it wasn’t helping anything.  I was wrong.  When the call was over, I felt more energized and optimistic than I had in months.  That night I slept through the night for the first time in a month, and the jaw pain I had been nursing for weeks finally let up.

Over the next few weeks, I was able to let go of a lot of pain and anger I had for my ex and really refocus on my relationships with my kids.  I am already seeing a difference in the way I react to them and in how they now react to me.  I feel calmer and more at peace. I am no longer fighting the tide and instead floating on it.  I had made myself so tense and closed off that every part of me ached, and I felt numb to my friends and family, even my kids.  Now when my kids tell me they miss him or a song comes on the radio, I don’t shut down, I work through it.

My divorce is only one small piece of much deeper issues, and I’m definitely planning on doing more sessions with Paul to try and release some deeper traumas.  I was surprised at how well his sessions worked with my therapy sessions, as though they were working off each other.  

Thank You

Sara. Wisconsin 


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