Duration: 60min (under 10attendees), 90min (10+ attendees)

Objective is to work with the group to release subconscious conditioning. Each individual will set intention to work on specific issue.  Similar to private session, I will be intuitive working with the groups needs to release the following programming relative to each level.

Phase 1:  1-6 months

Release Core Wounds and General Body Identities

Reconnecting Feminine Principles

Phase 2: 6 month – 1 year

Releasing Specific Body Identities

Releasing Expression & Relationship Triggers

Releasing Triggers with Yin Imbalances

Releasing Triggers with Yang Imbalances

Phase 3:  1-2 years+

Continuation of Level 1,2

Life Mastery

Releasing Specific Identities

Developing Confidence with triggers

Releasing Spiritual Growth Triggers

Group Releasing Sessions

Every Wednesday 6pm
  • $90 Single Session
  • $216 Group Releasing Session (3 Sessions)

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