CE & MP Group Healing
Facilitator Training

Learning how to apply Chinese Energetics & Middle Path Method in the Group Trainings.

Two Days Training 

  1. Introduction
  2. Releasing Limiting Beliefs that Block You From Group Work.
  3. How to Tune into the Group (experiential)
  4. How to Read/Scan the Energy of the Group  (experiential)
  5. How to Work on the Layers of the Issue of the Group Using MP Protocol (experiential) 
  6. Deleting the Weakness & Correcting the Spine for the Group (experiential)
  7. How to Apply “Pulling Out the Energy” technique for the Group (experiential)
  8. How to Work on Non-Physical Issues for the Group
  9. How to Release Inner Wounds Behind Non-Physical Issues (experiential)
  10. How to Work on Physical Issues in the Group Work
  11. How to Read the Body/Organs that Experience Pain (experiential)
  12. How to Apply Protocol on Physical Health Issues  (experiential)
  13. How to Release Identities Behind Physical Issues (experiential)
  14. How to Use Top Healing Principles on the Group Work (experiential)
  15. Introduction to  Top Healing Principles
  16. How to Apply Principles for Physical & Non-Physical Issues (experiential)
  17. Handout: Principles & Protocol 
  18. Q&A

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