Healing from Heartbreak

Heartbreaks are devastating experiences that comes with lots of negative emotions. Heartbreaks can so quickly lead you into a rollercoaster of emotions that would crush you if you are not careful. 

When faced with heartbreaks, it becomes difficult to question yourself on what went wrong in the first place. For most people, it feels like having to start over again. I’ve come across so many traditional therapists that believe that there’s no one set way to deal with heartbreaks. 

Well, while there may be some truth in that, there are still some actionable steps that can get you back to your best. 

In this article, we will review four of such steps. 

  1. Dealing With the Wound

At the break of a relationship, the body is often left to suffer tons of emotional hurt. This hurt causes other emotions that stay in your body, creating a pain every time you think about the situation. 

For a start, you need to think about how to get over this hurt. As an organization that helps, what we do is to help you get in touch with these wounds and adequately address them. This way, the signals will not cause pain any time it’s replayed in your memory.

  1. Forgive the Pain Suffered

The work is not only done in your mental faculty. It is also done in the heart and in the body. It would help if you decided intentionally to forgive the cause of the pain. 

  1. Understand the Nature of the Heartbreak

There’s often a lot of attachments that grow in a relationship. Your body can either get attached to the positive experiences or the negative experiences of the relationship. 

What we advise people is for them to let go of the attachment to the negative programs that are causing them to hurt. 

  1. Find Out the Subconscious Expectations That Brought You to the Relationship

As we grow up, we form attitudes and expectations that determine our personalities and the personality of the people we are attached to. There’s a need to find out what expectations and projections made you attached to the person and relationship that hurt you. 

Finding out what these expectations are would help you avoid such expectations in the next relationship you get into.

A combination of these four would help you to completely heal from your heartbreak and start afresh without letting wounds from your last relationship affect you. If you are interested in adopting this strategy over the traditional method, then you can contact us now.


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