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Healing Narcissistic Abuse

We’ve heard questions from concerned people over the past few years on how they can deal with narcissistic abuse. 

I understand the pain of everyone going through such situations because I’ve been there before. Growing up around many narcissistic people means that I have first-hand experience of how the situation can be. Of course, I still meet and interact with such people today. What has changed is that I’ve mastered such interactions, and they no longer influence my emotions. 

As the popular saying goes, you can’t blame a clown for acting like one, but you can blame yourself for always going back to the circus. The same applies to being around narcissistic people. If you are passing through narcissistic abuse of any kind, then this article is for you.

What Can You Do?

We can’t deny the fact that narcissists often appear as lovely and exciting people until they’ve lured you into their narcissistic best. 

Most times, you’ll find that their mind is brilliant, and because of this, they tend to be able to stare people into their world. Hence, the need to find a practical approach to avoid being drawn into the narcissistic web. 

The approach that we’ve often prescribed is for the abused to deal with the subconscious programs that drag you into the narcissistic world. By dealing with the subconscious programs that attract you to them, you’ll be making it impossible for them to pull you into their world. This means that you’ll not be prone to losing yourself because of their persuasive ability.

Additionally, you need to trust your intuition and not consistently seek validation from them. Narcissistic people operate by making you want their validation. They make it feel like you need their validation to become anything in life. They gradually get into your mind, taking away your trust in your intuition. The insecurities that they create in you make you easily fall into their trap. 

The ultimate step to take is to find the subconscious programs that they’ve instilled in you and delete it. It could be fear or the feeling that you are not good enough. You need to search deep and tell yourself that you are good enough and that you can do things without their help. 

Over time, if you keep encouraging yourself and speaking positivity to your mind, you’ll find that the unconscious programs are deleted and replaced with positive programs.

Contact us today if you are still finding it difficult to let go. We will analyze your particular situation and offer you therapies that will delete the program from your subconscious.


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Copyright © 2020. Heart Wisdom Process. All Rights Reserved.