Heart Wisdom Process Private Sessions

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One-Month Private HWP Program

Experience the profound transformational benefits of the heart wisdom process related to your mental, emotional and physical restlessness or pain in a one-month private program with Paul.

Healing and the learning of this work occurs as we work together through the layers of conditioning behind our issues and personal history  over a certain period. In this time period you go into the deepest layers of consciousness to be free from old conditioning. 

Practitioners will benefit from ancient healing techniques that help relieve emotional, mental, and physical pain, stress, anxiety. They will also have a chance to learn these practices to apply in their daily life. 

  • One-month package includes four private appointments with Paul.
  • You will have email support for your questions between meetings.
  • In each meeting, your will experience the healing effects of different HWP practices focused on your mental, emotional and physical restlessness or pain related to your challenges.
  • You will learn insights from eastern philosophy and also tools to use in your daily life to observe the causes of suffering; let them go.

Private and Group sessions information: paul@chineseenergetics.com


Contact for more information.