With the 60min. live tele seminars -- Learn the basics of the Heart Wisdom Process technique in minutes.  Apply it for yourself and clients immediately!!!  Workbook will be sent to you after the call.

June 28th:  "How to dissolve anxiety and worry with the HWP?"   
July 11th:     "How to dissolve repeating patterns in life with the HWP?" 
July 21st:    "How to dissolve food addiction with the HWP?"

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1-Day Post conference Workshop : Heart Wisdom Process (HWP) Foundation Level 1

    In this workshop, you will learn and integrate an powerful Eastern system with your hypnosis practice to solve complex subconscious problems and do powerful transformation work! 

Special Bonuses for Workshop Attendees who sign up by July 31st.


    The course teaches how to work with a variety of life challenges. HWP is based on Paul Wong’s decade in practice observations, where he has identified the 9 most common types of suffering found in humanity. These sufferings are deeply held — like “layers of an onion” in the subconscious. You will learn to apply ancient healing and self-inquiry techniques that release deep conditioning held in the subconscious.

  We will learn to release programming and conditioning from your own life, parents, ancestors, collective, etc. We will learn to work through life experiences that include trauma and other sufferings in life that go all the way back to pre-birth, childhood, and adolescence.

   This course contains practical psychology training that applies Eastern teachings and healing techniques. The course is highly experiential and allows practitioners to go deeply within the subconscious in order to find answers for themselves and for clients.


Paul Wong, MBA, BSME, is the founder of Heart Wisdom Process & Chinese Energetics. He is an author, life coach, master healer, and trainer with a private practice serving clients worldwide. His mission is to bring ancient wisdom back into modern day society and help people evolve their hearts.


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