Paul Wong

Course Description:


This training video clearly illustrates the specific awareness exercises that will bring you closer to the center of your body, to your heart space. When you deepen your experience and understanding of this awareness of being in the stillness of your heart, self-healing occurs naturally.

What is HWP?

This program is bringing anciend wisdom back into modern day society and help people eveolve their heart. The Heart Wisdom Process is not teaching to have more knowledge about your sufferings, life challenges. It is designed to support you to let go of your beliefs, perceptions, stories about life including healing teachniques, exercises for your improvement. You can apply the the HWP to your all areas of your life challanges.


What are the benefits of the HWP?

  • Dissolve non-physical life challenges, experience loving relationships.
  • Improve Physical health, feel more lighter to move in life.
  • Dissolve Beliefs, Stories, Perceptions, be free from repeated patterns.
  • Release of subconscious inner wounds, experience improvement in your communications.

Examples of how HWP can help no matter what field you are in:

Holistic practitioners, i.e. naturopathy, massage, Reiki etc.
Doctors and nurses.
Business owners.


What you will learn:

  • Introduction
  • Muscle Testing Exercise
  • Intuitive Testing + Exercise
  • Right Hand Exercise
  • 3 Main Locations in Body that Holds Suffering + Exercise for 3 Main Pain Points
  • Ancient Eastern Practice to Dissolve Suffering
  • Types of Suffering
  • Human Body Forms
  • HWP for Mental Body + Awareness exercise for Mental Body
  • HWP for Emotional Body + Awareness exercise for Emotional Body
  • HWP for Physical Body + Awareness exercise for Physical Body
  • HWP for Spiritual Body + Awareness Exercise for Spiritual Body
  • Tuning into Someone

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