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HWP is a comprehensive program for deep personal transformation at the identity level by releasing unconscious conditioned programed from life.  They are often held for decades and generations from your life and/or passed on from ancestors and collective. It is about gaining wisdom and key life lessons by processing unconscious conditioned programs and deep wounds of the psyche held in the body.   This process is taught through a series of trainings as your skills progress.

The HWP is a super-learning and transformational methodology that can undo decades and generations of programming learned in life or passed to you unconsciously from parents, ancestors, culture, and collective. All your past programmings are held in your subconscious mind and the physical body.   Your subconscious programs are responsible for way of being both good or bad. Past programs create your unconscious attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. If you are dealing with life challenges whether health, relationships, finances, career, it is because some unconscious programs are running your life on autopilot.

The Basic Course breaks the HWP into essentials taught in a way to help you learn skills to be used for the rest of your life.  The Course teaches to develop awareness skills to work with subconscious triggers and peel away the layers similar to an onion from surface layers to the deep layers.

HWP BasicS Course teaches life skills for transformation for both non-physical and physical wellness. Goal is to train key life skills:

  1. Read subconscious signals
  2. Dissolving subconscious responses
  3. Work with layers of subconscious programming non-physical issues
  4. Work with layers of subconscious programming for physical issues
  5. Subconscious programs from own life
  6. Subconscious programs from parents, ancestors
  7. Subconscious programs from collective

Students can often experience permanent transformation of life-long issues because the body will provide evidence.  Often you experience detoxing as physical or emotional detoxing such as releases of tears, forgotten unconscious emotions, yawning, temporary physical symptoms.   This is not a completely pain free process.  Even though there may some discomforts in the transformation period, this work and methodology is conducted in a gentle loving manner to facilitate the change at the comfort and readiness of the student.

This is for both novice and advanced practitioners.  The novice can immediately apply to techniques to rapid relief of symptoms and gain insights they never had previously with life-long problems.  Simple and some difficult issues can resolved be immediately.  Complex issues depending on the severity and traumas of the original life experiences have many deep layers beyond the scope of the Basic Course.  Experienced practitioners can drastically use the HWP practices to develop hyper-awareness and sensitivity.  The aim of the work is to help beginners and experienced practitioners develop a passion for deep  inner work.   The deeper you can go and let go of past programmings and conditioning, the deeper you can help yourself or clients.  In the yogic sciences, it is known that a living consciousness, an universe intelligence is behind the physical heart and it is commonly referred to in the West  as superconscious.  Doing the HWP repeatedly and consistently over time is to live in this superconscious reality in a more permanently basis.

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