Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Here is your special workbook. Now you can practice, apply and enjoy the process by yourself at home too. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you will have questions.

Practitioner Workbook + Case Studies

Practices, Principles and Techniques

Lesson 0: Assumptions 

Lesson 1: How to do a session overview

Lesson 2: Heart Wisdom Protocol

Lesson 3: Starting session 

Lesson 4: Intuitive testing

Lesson 5: Truism principle 

Lesson 6: Truism and resistance to let go

Lesson 7: Verbalizing and acknowledging resistances

Lesson 8: Resistances within a resistance

Lesson 9: Finding and dissolving grief

Lesson 10: Inner Wound Technique

Lesson 11: Letting go of Identity

Lesson 12: Who Am I Technique

Lesson 13: Body Detox


Phase 1 Development (0-6m)

Principles of Reconnecting to the Feminine Principles (Yin)


Lesson 1: Being in the Body 


Lesson 2: Connecting to Feelings


Lesson 3: Vulnerability 


Lesson 4: Trusting Life/Divine


Lesson 5: Being Present and Feeling Pain


Lesson 6: Opening the Heart


Lesson 7: Being Sensitive  


Lesson 8: Forgiveness/Compassion


Lesson 9: Emotional Releasing


Lesson 10: Accepting What Is.