HWP Guided Healing Membership

– Guided Healing Library personalized to your needs 

– Monthly Live Group Calls and Live Q&A

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Heart Wisdom Process Trainings

Skills Training

Learn how to work on inner wounds, identities, body-based programs, DNA, ancestral, collective, early life programs, reprogramming, the body.  

Heart Wisdom Process: Basics

Easy practices dealing with relationship, food addictions, physical pain, wounds about abandonment and financial challenges.

HWP: Sources of Suffering

Practices and deep shifts for: anger, sadness, fear, worry, grief, not feeling loved, not feeling in control, not feeling good enough, not trusting.

Chinese Energetics Programs (2010 - 2013)

Art of Neutrality:

Regenerate your body, mind, and spirit naturally. Learn categories of energy imbalances.

Art of Neutrality:
Inner Zen

Experience and learn neutrality toward both positive and negative attachments.

AoN:Two Complete Courses

Learn to neutralize deep-rooted attachments to beliefs, personal values, success, and overall life.

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