How to permanently resolve Relationship Pain ?

Are you dealing with the following relationship problems?

  • Heartbreak
  • Betrayal
  • Fighting and argument
  • Power Issues
  • Unhappiness
  • Other traumas

How do this program can help you?

Heart Wisdom Relationship Coaching is highly effective alternative vs

traditional marriage and couples therapy and counseling.  Coaching and

guided practices lead to permanent transformation in the areas below:

What is it?

Teaches how to use body self-awareness painful triggers  issue

triggers and how to release them permanently

Teaches how to be aware of unconscious destructive behaviors and beliefs

Teaches how to release old conditioned programs from your body

Teaches how to released programs learned from parents, ancestors

Teaches how to forgive and let go of painful experiences and traumas.

Works and is effective with most challenging lifelong relationships

What it is not?

It is not talk therapy and we do not rehash painful stories

It does not require spending years and decades in therapy.

It is requires consistent and dedicated commitment for 6m-1year

program to retrain body’s unconscious conditioning and sabotaging


A key understanding of this unique coaching methodology is that your

relationship pain triggers are held in your body as subtle tension

points unconsciously.  Your body holds old conditioning from the day

how are born.  It holds conditioning passed to you parents, ancestors,

and collective culture.   Your conditioning is all your programs that

run your life on autopilot.  They are your attitudes, beliefs,

behaviors, emotions, and reactions.

What do you experience?

Your painful triggers can be released when expert coach guides to release old conditioning.  When you are releasing old beliefs and behaviors, you will actually feel physical change and transformation. Clients generally experienced releases emotions, tears, body heat, and other physical symptoms when old conditioning is released.

This coaching methodology is based on Eastern holistic from meditation, self-inquiry, breath practices,  and awareness and mindful techniques.

You will have deep release in these areas:

  • Common relationship conditioned beliefs and behaviors responses.
  • Expectations
  • Old Resentments
  • Conditioned responses
  • Power and control


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