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Relationship Insecurities

It is not strange to see people feeling pangs of self-doubt once in a while. In fact, it is normal. However, when it comes to feeling jealous in relationships, personal Insecurities, and other related concepts, a wedge can so quickly be drawn between you and your partner, and this is the last thing anybody would want.

Relationship Insecurity is very encompassing and comes with feelings such as worries, doubts, perpetual sadness, etc. Most times, the feelings you’ll get from relationship insecurities can cause severe suffering to you for a long time.

Over time, we’ve come to understand from experiences that there’s always a deep hidden cause for insecurities in most cases, and dealing with it requires that an individual gets to the deep cause. Personal experiences often reveal that it comes down to not feeling loved or wanted. 

The Mistake of Traditional Therapy

Most people understand that they can’t deal with most problems unless they can get to the root cause of it.

Surprisingly, traditional therapists often choose to view relationship insecurities as a mental process. Hence, most of their methods start and end in trying to make corrections to the mental faculty. What they fail to realize is that insecurity is a program response and not the program itself.

Focusing on the program response and not the program itself would lead to months or even years of fruitless efforts. 

Our Approach

The difference between our approach and that of traditional therapists is that while theirs is often mentally focused, ours focuses on all the parts involved in translating the signals.

Traditional therapy involved going to the therapist and recounting your experiences over and over again for years. This method may be good, but it doesn’t get to the more in-depth program that’s running in your body. So what you have is a suppression of the physical reactions and not the deeper programs that cause the reaction. 

Your body holds subconscious signals that tell how to get to these deeper programs. However, it needs expert handling to get to understand the subconscious signals that your body is emitting.

Our method also involves detoxing the body, because we believe that detoxing the body of the emotional bad put it in the right place to start anew, therefore, getting rid of insecurities that might have plagued your life in the past.

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Copyright © 2020. Heart Wisdom Process. All Rights Reserved.