Heart Wisdom Process: Healing the Subconscious

Looking for less stressful relationships in personal and business life?

You’re a professional, business owner or other self-employed business professional.

You love what you do and make a real difference in life.

You’re smart, professional, experienced, and capable, and you want to have a better relationships at work and personal life but you feel stuck, alone and not to be understood by others in your relationships. You know there is a way to have a better communication with your coworkers and loved ones but you don’t know how do that.

Your main important challenges for having healthy relationships.

1.You’re not communicating with your deeper subconscious stressful programmings which is creating your reality. 

2.  You’re not clear at expressing yourself: boundaries, needs, emotions without cultural or ancestral beliefs that is stored in the depth of your subconscious.

3. Trying many different ways and not having clear solutions, you are stuck and not knowing how to recreate healthy relationship for being good at focusing on what you love to create together. So you end up with a lot of stress and physical pain.

How We Work

We’re above all, flexible – different clients need different type of challenges. We focus on getting sustainable results on your improvement with the least amount of struggle.

What makes me different than any other performance coach? I think the difference lies in the fact of my ten years experience as a intuitive coach. I don’t work with theory but with approaches that are proven to work.

About Paul Wong

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