What is the Heart Wisdom Process?

The heart wisdom process is built based on a combination of energy healing and yogic wisdom passed down thousands of years. It focuses on dealing with life challenges without being lost in suffering.  

This program is not only about emotional, mental, or physical pain relief practice like Paul offered in his previous program called Chinese Energetics. It also aims to bring awareness back to the importance of living based on yoga philosophy. Through this, emotional, mental, and physical well-being is possible much more easily. 

The main two areas touched in this program that help people experience deep transformation are: (1) how we see and deal with life challenges and (2) how we define ourselves when going through challenges. 

In the Yoga Sutras, the root causes of suffering are the kleshas meaning ‘afflictions’ (poisons) or negative mental states. 

During the Heart Wisdom process, you will learn how to bring these negative mental states, emotions up that create suffering and how to let them go. 

The body awareness practices and breathing techniques of this program will also help you live without easily being lost in negative mental states in your daily life.

One Month Private HWP Program

Mental, Emotional or Physical Pain Relief 

Experience the profound transformational benefits of the heart wisdom process related to your mental, emotional and physical restlessness or pain in a one-month private program with Paul.  

Practitioners will benefit from ancient healing techniques that help relieve emotional, mental, and physical pain, stress, anxiety. They will also have a chance to learn these practices to apply in their daily life. 

  • One-month package includes four private appointments with Paul. 
  • You will have email support for your questions between meetings and access the private Facebook group.
  • In each meeting, your will experience the healing effects of different HWP practices focused on your mental, emotional and physical restlessness or pain related to your challenges.
  • You will learn insights from eastern philosophy and also tools to use in your daily life to observe the causes of suffering; let them go. 

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