Courses and Trainings

Self-Guided Healing Meditation Membership

* HWP Self-Guided Healing Sessions
* HWP guided self-healing sessions for different life challenges. Use them anytime you need.
* Monthly Live Healing Calls – last weekend of each month.
* BONUS – Live Q&A after each live call. Members-only DISCOUNTS for HWP programs

Top Healing PRINCIPLES of Chinese Energetics & Heart Wisdom Process Training Manual

It breaks down Paul Wong’s top healing principles from his last 15 years of professional practice. This should be used together with the Top Healing Techniques of Chinese Energetics & HWP Training Manual to solve the toughest problems.

Top Healing TECHNIQUES of Chinese Energetics & Heart Wisdom Process Training Manual

This comprehensive yet simple system teaches how to work with your own or others' issues and pinpoint root causes caused by sufferings and traumas from ancestors, childhood, collective, and even past lives.

HWP Basic Techniques: Sources of Suffering

What do you learn:
* Resolve repeated pain relationship triggers
* Healing deep inner wounds
* Release old unconscious emotions
* Forgive and let go of past stories

HWP Skills Training

* Awareness and breathing exercises
* How to use your intuition to be aware of the body based memories: energetic imbalances, beliefs, old programs, traumas…
* How to verbalize the body-based memories
and more...

Art of Neutrality (Chinese Energetics) Foundation

What do you learn:
* Awareness exercises
* Categories of energy imbalances
* How to develop your intuition to find energetic imbalances in people, places and things
* How to correct energetic imbalances from past, present, future to achieve Inner Zend let go of past stories

The Art of Neutrality – Inner Zen

After learning the basics of Neutrality in the first half, the second half, Inner Zen, takes the experience to a deeper level and teaches neutrality toward both positive and negative attachments. It is surprising to discover the issues buried behind even your positive attachments i.e. favorite food, person, place, etc.
Profound releases were experienced which frees up a lot of energy for creative solutions to life’s challenges.

The Art of Neutrality – 2 Complete Video Training Courses

Throughout these courses, students do self-exploration and learn to neutralize deep rooted attachments to beliefs that are no longer true; attachments to personal values and to success with regard to relationships, career and overall life. This allows greater openness to new understandings and perspectives in life.

Chinese Energetics Audio Course

This introduction class is to learn the basics of Art of Neutrality (former Chinese Energetics). In this recorded tele-workshop, Paul Wong shares his experience applying various Chinese Energetics methods such as the Yuen Method, qigong, acupuncture, and other eastern practices. This work applies cutting-edge energetic methods for self-healing, regeneration, and accelerated performance improvement.

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